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May 23, 2016

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June 6, 2016

The Mennonite and the Skeptic

May 30, 2016

Today, a guest post by a friend of mine, Naomi Newman:


Luci does not vote.  That may have actually saved a very improbable friendship.  IF she were out there lobbying for Donald Trump, American savior, we might have to part ways.  She wears a modest cap at all times as well, thus she would never buy a Make America Great hat.  Besides, it would look extremely odd with her long Mennonite dresses.

Me?  I am a woman of “a certain age,” as the French so nicely put it.  Just for reference, the two Presidential candidates and I are basically the same age. (Where do they get their energy?) Also, because I am not in the public eye, I am perfectly comfortable being attired in exercise wear most of my leisure time.  Not that the clothing ever gets a real work out.

Back to Luci and I.

She came to visit the Grand Canyon State where I live, to bring my elderly parents to an assisted living home in the Dairy State where she lives, to be closer to a larger segment of my family and get more help.  Got that?

Just to give you a basic primer in our (Luci and I) relationship issues, I took her to see the Grand Canyon.  After all…

Amidst all the educational signs explaining the science of erosion and geology and the history of the earth,  Luci gives me a knowing look and explained this is proof of Noah’s flood.  And I believe I did not say a word. But I wanted to.  I know my eyes rolled behind my sunglasses.

And yet.

We have been dear friends ever since–separated by two opposing world views.  Discussing, arguing, and trying to open each others’ eyes even just a wee bit.  And mostly with Respect.  She wishes to save my soul.  I want her to see the Pope is right about science.  Her turn to eye roll.

But above all, doing what all good friends do.  Caring for each other.  Listening and reflecting and wanting the best for each other.  Cheer leading, so to speak. Each doing what Donkey (not to mention far more important teachers of wisdom who people seem to ignore) told Shrek: Love each other.


Me, the grandmother teacher.  Luci, a soon-to-be widely read author.

We have so so much in common.  We have nothing to break us apart if we simply accept our basic humanity.  Two women who love babies and puppies.  Well OK, Luci can live without puppies.

It’s all lovely.

Except to this very day, I get a frisson of terror when I remember Luci stepping out to a dangerous edge of the Canyon in her long dress and inappropriate shoes just to mock my fear.

But I digress.

We really all can get along.  Our differences are so small.  Love thy neighbor.  Look at us.



Naomi Newman still lives in the Grand Canyon State, where she does volunteer work and is always there to be my friend: willing to give advice or listen to my problems. She also wrote an earlier post about our unusual friendship, called Two Women. Naomi and her husband Dave are proud parents of Greg and grandparents of Charlie.


  1. This post is so, so good! If only more of us could see that our differences don’t have to divide us. Imagine how many good friendships we might be missing out on…

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