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January 10, 2018

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January 24, 2018

The Escape Room

January 16, 2018
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Saturday evening I engaged in a rescue mission to free a man who had got on the wrong side of the Eau Claire mafia and was locked up in a small cabin room with only sixty minutes of oxygen left. I with four siblings—Jeff, Chad, Benny, and Elizabeth—our friend Jayden, and Benny’s fiancée, Tricia, ransacked the cabin looking for clues that would tell us how to unlock locks which would reveal other clues which would ultimately lead to the code that unlocked the door where our “witness” was imprisoned.

There were multiple codes to decipher and a secret room behind a wooden wall which we had to discover in order to find additional clues.

That’s our witness in the picture above. When we burst into the room where he was trapped—ten minutes before our time was up—we found him hung from ceiling by a padlocked chain, and worked frantically to get him down. His rescue was complete minutes before his oxygen ran out, and we took a picture together to commemorate our triumph.

I promise, Tricia is not actually threatening to shoot him. After his harrowing experience, they are merely having fun. The hats and sunglasses and props we are holding are all things taken from the cabin—NO! I don’t actually smoke. And if I did, I would certainly not be rich enough to feed my habit with cigars.

The whole ordeal was intense. Working together under pressure built a feeling of camaraderie, and afterward, driving home, we found ourselves laughing long and easily about tiny things: the effect of our relief and triumph.

This kind of group detective live action game, I found when I looked online, was first developed in Japan in 2007 and introduced to the U.S. in 2012.

If you have never participated in an escape room, I highly recommend it. If the small city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has such a thing, there is almost certain to be one in your area. Take along a group; you’ll never figure out all those clues on your own. Laugh a lot. Have fun.


  1. I had never heard of this activity until reading your post, but the picture alone is worth many words. I have been pondering admonitions to avoid the appearance of evil, the need to think on what is true, putting away childish things. And if the game is popular with the world, can it be good? I understand the fleshly desire for excitement, for fun, and I do not relish coming across as a killjoy. Yet there are so many God-glorifying ways to spend time, with all the gifts He has given us. … Life is short. Why not work on “Turtle Heart” instead? 🙂

    1. I really appreciate your concern and courage to speak up with what might be taken as a negative. That shows you care. Thank you. And yes, life is short and there are so many wonderful things to fill it with. Thanks for mentioning Turtle Heart. I will be working on that again very soon.

  2. I’ve never heard of this game before I’m sorry but the Titus 2 woman in me has to agree with Christine’s comment. It’s just a little too worldly and we need to avoid the appearance of evil. I’m sorry Lucinda and I hope your feelings aren’t hurt.

    1. No, my feelings aren’t hurt. 🙂 I’d rather be admonished to be less worldly than advised to go out and drink and party. I am just happy there are people in the world who want nothing to do with that, because I’ve seen too much of the long term hurts that kind of lifestyle can bring.

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