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Til the Cows Come Home

April 5, 2017

A week ago today, Dad and Mom sold the cows. I’ve been wishing for this to happen for years now. Ever since they started the cleaning jobs, around three years ago, they’ve worked too hard. They’ve had to milk the cows morning and evening, of course, besides feeding and cleaning barn and putting up hay and dealing with frozen water pipes and whatever else comes …

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A Guatemalan Wedding

March 21, 2017

So I’ve been saving the best for last. The reason my siblings and Abbey and I traveled to Central America in the first place was to attend the wedding of our good friend Tiana. This beautiful young woman married Rubén Benito and is making her new home in the mountainous region of San Bartolomé, Guatemala. We crossed the border from Belize into Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, …

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Bex and the Big 3-0

November 1, 2016

Well it finally happened. The big 3-0. Sunday night my family threw a party for me. There was angel food cake, and black bean salsa, and tapioca, and tea. And family! And presents! It felt like Christmas. Unfortunately, all the pictures taken were taken on a camera that had no memory card and, apparently, no internal memory. But last night I took pictures of a …

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