How to Be a Mennonite Author (First Clue: I Don’t Know)

July 25, 2017

My good friend/adopted little sister and I set out for Nashville, Tennessee, last week to pick up books. Lots of books. 988, to be exact, because Lucinda J. Miller, who always overdoes everything, got the brilliant idea not only to be an author but to sell her own books. Lots of them. Ask her in about a year from now how that’s going for her. …

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You Better Belize It! Part 1

March 6, 2017

Our trip started here: slumped shivering and tired in those uncomfortable airport seats while we waited for our early morning flight for Belize City. Using beach towels and backpacks for pillows, charging phones while we (kind of) slept. You know the drill. The next thing we knew, we were here. The world was warm and soak-into-your-bones sunny. And we could tell, the minute we stepped …

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In Which I Emerge, Blinking, From a Cave

January 30, 2017

So where have I been the past two weeks? Writing, that’s where. And I am proud to announce that Anything But Simple: My Life as a Mennonite is done written! For now, anyway. I am sure there will be changes to make after my editor gets it. The book is coming out in July. Here is a picture of the cover as designed so far: …

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