The Escape Room

January 16, 2018

Saturday evening I engaged in a rescue mission to free a man who had got on the wrong side of the Eau Claire mafia and was locked up in a small cabin room with only sixty minutes of oxygen left. I with four siblings—Jeff, Chad, Benny, and Elizabeth—our friend Jayden, and Benny’s fiancée, Tricia, ransacked the cabin looking for clues that would tell us how …

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1 Thankful Thing, 1 Helpful Thing, and 1 Thing that Made Me Angry

March 23, 2015

#1. The Thankful Thing Last week I wrote about feeling discouraged, and in the week since then, I’ve realized how blessed and beyond blessed I am with people who care about me. Thank you to all of you who specially commented with words of encouragement. Thank you also to all of you who have been my friend in one way or another through the years. …

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