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January 11, 2016

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February 1, 2016


January 25, 2016

This is my friend Sandra and I.

Sandra cannot hear. She was born that way.

Although she can read and write, she can speak no more than a few words of English, and a few of Spanish.

Her spoken language is like birds flying, all motion and grace. No sound.

I marvel at the flexibility of her fingers, so quick and brown. She can even bend them backward at the knuckle. Mine are stiff and rough in comparison. I wonder if she was born that way, or if her fingers grew lithe with much speaking.

I wonder what it would be to have lived for more than thirty years and never to have heard a sound. I know a little of the frustration of a communication barrier, from a visit to Guatemala once. I wanted so badly to understand what the people around me were saying, and couldn’t.

I think, if you were deaf, you would have a large inner world. Imagination, awareness, creativity, understanding–all might grow rich. But how to share what’s inside you with others? That is where the frustration would come.

I guess we’ve all experienced that inadequacy to a degree. Language is beautiful. Language is not sufficient.

Sandra 2

My sister Elizabeth says Sandra is an answer to prayer. Elizabeth has been trying to learn sign language for a while now, and prayed for an opportunity like this.

Now the rest of us are learning sign language, too.

Sandra came to school and held a class for the schoolchildren and me. She is a good teacher. The children loved her. They pick up the signs more quickly and remember them more easily than I do.


I am glad they have this opportunity.

Here they are saying, “I love you!”




  1. I lived with a deaf girl for 4 months at Haven of Rest. I learned to sign while there but have lost most of it. I can usually understand what she is saying but it takes me a long time to sign back. 🙂 Sandra seems to be a very neat lady and I am glad you were able to meet her. Blessings to you as you interact with her!
    -Steph Z. 🙂

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