How to Be a Mennonite Author (First Clue: I Don’t Know)

July 25, 2017

Book Signing in Lancaster County

August 2, 2017

New Faces, New Friends

August 1, 2017

I am pretty sure I stole that title from somewhere: maybe a school reader. It has that annoying, alliterative ring to it.

Ah, well.

After an enjoyable launch day in my home community, I set out for Berne, Indiana, to kick off a two-week book tour and to sell books.

Fellow Wisconsinites, encountered in Berne.

Richard and Stella, a delightful couple traveling through Berne. We stayed at the same motel.

From Berne I traveled to Pittsburgh, where I enjoyed new sights, beautiful old buildings, and new friends stepping closer to being old ones.

JR, Paramees, Darren, and Darshen. They gave me a tour of Pittsburgh.

Sarah and J, who very graciously hosted me during my stay in Pittsburgh.

Monday evening, I spoke in the fellowship hall of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. I found the experience both scary and thrilling. Mindblowingly, (yes, that’s a word, she lied) I enjoy public speaking. This is contrary to every instinct on the subject I ever held several years ago.

The Q and A session at the end was most enjoyable. They had lots of questions, AND I got to answer them however I wanted. (evil chuckle inserted here) When has anyone ever paid that much attention to my knowledge before?

Without Sarah, there would have been no book event in Pittsburgh. Thank you, Sarah!

I am driving to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, tomorrow. I am excited to spend time with old friends while I am there, and looking forward to several opportunities to make new ones. God is working out the details of this trip in amazing ways.

I may also do a book signing or book selling event while I am in Lancaster, if I am able to work out the details. If you are in the Lancaster area and would be interested in coming to something like that, do let me know. And check back on this blog in the next couple of days for updates.

You’ll find me on the road.


  1. Arleta Richardson! I can’t remember which book it was, exactly, in the Grandma’s Attic series that had the title “New Faces, New Friends”–but I know it was one of them. 🙂

    I’m enjoying following along on your journeys. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so enjoy talking with the young girls (my kids age, your age) about growing up Mennonite and the things I did do, had to do, or couldn’t do. Sometimes I tease them about when I was Amish! But I do have Amish second cousins in western MD. Then someties I try to talk some Dutch, it’s pretty rusty, but they say I have the accent really good! Ruth

    1. I will savor my time here in Lancaster. And thank you so much for your reviews. I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

  3. I find your trip interesting, especially since I lived in Berne until I was 10 when we moved to Phoenix! Enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Just got done reading your book…I love your honesty and authenticity! Most people (us mennonites)would be scared to say the things you did, so, you go girl, it is so refreshing to hear someone be that honest!!

    1. Thank you, Shelby. It is scary to be honest sometimes, but I can’t seem to be anything else when I write. Truth is of such high value to me that when I write, I place honesty above almost everything else.

  5. That’s what made your book so good… You are a great author!! I will be looking for your new book about “Charlene” in the future! God be with you dear girl!

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