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December 5, 2017

The Advent of Redemption

December 19, 2017

My Courage Mantra

December 12, 2017

When my thoughts are tangled and knotted by fear—What will he think of me? Why, why, WHY did I act that way? How will I face them again? What if what I tell her ruins her life?—the following things I tell myself. The telling, and the knowing, give me courage:

No one cares about you. Not really. Sure, your family loves you, and you need that, but nothing you do or say is going to make or break the world. It is even doubtful that anything you do or say will change anybody’s mind, ever.

What is more, you are probably the last thing on anyone else’s mind. Sure, they may give you a cursory glance of interest, but then they will go on with their own life, problems, and joys of which you are not a part and be fully immersed in a part of life that does not include you.

Furthermore, for every dumb and embarrassing thing you do, there are others who have done things equally dumb or dumber.

So it just doesn’t matter!

No one cares.

Maybe you think this is a sad mantra, and not a courageous one, but let me assure you, it has enabled me to do very scary things: write intimately about myself and put it out there for the whole world to read, write about other people and still face them afterwards, go to strange places where I don’t know anyone and give speeches, talk to random strangers on airplanes about the Lord. There is a great and freeing courage that comes when you realize your own unimportance.

There is another sort of courage required in life sometimes, and that is the courage to keep going in the face of failure, the courage to believe in change, possibility, and new beginnings in the face of doubt, fear, and common sense.

When that is the sort of courage I need, this is my mantra:

What is yours?


  1. I’m not sure I have a mantra, but I like the implied thought “it’s not about me.” I think when we can keep from taking everything personally, and can rely on God more and people less, it makes a huge difference. I have not yet attained, though! 🙂

  2. Once I read a comment that fits here: You’d be amazed at how little space you take up in other people’s minds. I don’t know where I read this or who said it, but it is true. My mantra clicks with the one on the mailbox, a biblical promise that helps me keep momentum going.

    1. Good to hear from you, Marian. I am so glad we have the privilege of claiming that beautiful promise on the mailbox. It has helped me many times as well.

  3. I admit I do hope I have some space in a least one person’s mind so that they can remember to lift me up before the throne of God in prayer. As far as a mantra I guess I know if I have on except to trust in the Lord with all my heart. My Bible is my go to when I’m discouraged. His Word is Truth. I can get into weird non Biblical teaching but in the end I’m left feeling empty. My faith belongs to the One who died for me on the cross. May you have a blessed day Lucinda!

    1. Thank you, Regina. And I know exactly what you are saying about getting into weird non Biblical teaching that leaves me empty. But the solid, simple truths of the Word leave me full and running over. And YES in response to wishing to occupy space in the mind of people who lift me up in prayer. I have a few people like that in my life, and I am so so blessed to have them.

  4. Hi Lucinda 🙂
    I remember as a child sitting on the lawn picking petals off flowers and saying “He loves me, he loves me not” my young mind the conclusion that he may not love me (probably some boy), felt real., stupid I know and superstitious. My main concern as an adult, is what God thinks of me…Is my life a fragrant aroma?. It’s so easy to offend those of the world where ego and pride reign. I know and believe in my heart I’m loved by God despite ‘Me’ and that gives me courage…even when I stuff up, or people are unkind..He loves me still. It is my strength and peace. My mantra :I am loved by God, its who I am.

    1. Hi Linda 🙂
      He loves me still. It is who I am. Yes! This is a beautiful mantra to hold, full of strength and peace. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. My mantra: “Ve zent alles Menschen.” Low German for “We are all people.” With this, I try to remember who I am in God’s eyes, and who others are in God’s eyes. Thanks for the reminder! I should’ve thought of using my mantra last week when someone (indirectly) attacked my values. Amen to things not being about me—how freeing! And amen to what Linda said.

    1. We are all people. That’s a good one, and goes right along with what I was trying to express. Thanks for sharing it, Tina.

  6. I think my mantra is, “we are all equal at the foot of the cross.” This leaves no room for feeling better than anyone else, or worse for that matter. I think about this phrase almost every day. Another one of my favorites is, “Expectations ruin relationships”. I heard a DVD sermon on that one years ago and have never forgotten it.

    1. “We are all equal at the foot of the cross”–I love that, too. And I have never before considered the thought about expectations ruining relationships. That gives me something to think about. Thank you.

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