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July 14, 2014

The Surprisingly Intimate Relationships of God

July 28, 2014

Interview with MacKenzie and Madison, Ages 7 and 4

July 21, 2014

Meet my niece MacKenzie, age seven.

MacKenzie 4

And her sister Madison, age four.


I sat them down the other week and asked them some serious questions about life, love, and the pursuit of technology.

My first questions was this:

How do you like your age?

MacKenzie: I like it a lot. It makes me feel really grown up and old and stuff.

Madison: It’s pretty small and it’s really good and I love it a lot. I let MacKenzie read books with me and I snuggle with Kenzie a lot.

MacKenzie: She means in bed. At night she’ll say, “Kenzie, do you want to snuggle?”

Kenzie and Madi 5

What do you want to do when you grow up?

MacKenzie: Hmmm. Well, I thought of a lot of jobs pretty much my whole life and finally I came to the thing of I wanna be a missionary. Start a mission or something.

Madison: I want to do whatever Mom says for me to do. I want to go to bed when it’s bed time.

MacKenzie: I think she just mostly wants to live with Mom.

This brought us to fear:

Madison: One time Kenzie was scared of thunder.

MacKenzie: I wasn’t scared…just concerned I guess.

Madison: I was only scared a tiny, tiny bit.

MacKenzie Rose


And then to love:

MacKenzie: I think about it a lot. Dad actually said, “You can’t talk about getting married at your age.” We were going somewhere, and we went to a gas station, and Dad said that.

Madison, wiggling and hiding her face: Uhhh. I just want to skip this question.

MacKenzie: She’s not into getting married. I think she’s scared she’ll get married to a mean guy.

Madison: No, I’m not scared of that. But I’m still not gonna get married. I might change my mind when I’m six.

MacKenzie: She just wants to live with Dad and Mom or live with me and my family. She wants to help me out.

Madison: I really wanna live in Kenzie’s family, but I don’t wannna get married.

Madison 8

I asked about MacKenzie’s first kiss, a story which I had already heard. They gasped. Put their hands over their mouths. MacKenzie told me the story:

MacKenzie: I guess you could say I’m speechless. Well, if you wanna hear the story, we went to Georgia a long time ago, when I was five, and Dad was helping at the mission. That’s where I got the idea of I wanna be a missionary. There’s this little boy named Zachary, and I really like him. Mom was taking us to a little kids’ restaurant, and on the way there I was trying to kiss his nose a little bit, and instead I kissed his lips. And he smiled a little bit and laughed. I was hoping that mom didn’t see and then I realized she didn’t, because she didn’t say anything. I didn’t tell her for a long, long time.

MacKenzie 2

We moved on to technology:

When do you plan to get a cell phone?

MacKenzie: Mom says she’ll get me one at age eleven or twelve or ten.

Madison: Probably we’ll get it the same age.

Do you think it’s a good idea for children to own cell phones?

MacKenzie: Well, children eventually turn into adults, so yeah. Plus it will help me not to worry. I can call Mom. I can take it anywhere and do whatever I want.

Madison: She can call Mom and Dad.

MacKenzie: Phones are so cool. Everybody had them. They’re awesome.

Kenzie and Madi 2

They were shocked to hear I hadn’t gotten my first phone until I was twenty-one.

Somehow this brought us to the subject of dolls:

Madison: Mom said she played with dolls until she was two…until she got married.

MacKenzie: Mom said we’re tomboys. We’re not interested into dolls at all. We play with worms and frogs.

Kenzie and Madi wash the dog

I asked for further views on technology:

Madison: I really like computers so I can write stuff on them and do stuff on them.

MacKenzie: I really like all the electronics, too. I don’t know if I could live a year without my Kindle.

MacKenzie 3

We discussed priorities:

What do you think is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Madison: Umm. Pretty butterflies, and they nice, and they fly around, and we find ’em and try to catch ’em.

MacKenzie: I really like flowers.

What is the most important thing in the world to you?

MacKenzie: Well, God’s supposed to be the most important thing. But sometimes I feel like I don’t even know God and like I love Dad and Mom more. I love them the most.

Madison: What I love the most is flowers. They smell and I pick ’em for my mom and stuff.

MacKenzie: Madison is super into flowers this year. She picks ’em almost every day and we have cans and cans of them.

Madison 4

What is something you want to do this summer?

Madison: I want to pick flowers for my mom.

MacKenzie: I want Dad to finish my clubhouse and me to be able to play in it this summer.

Madison: And now he’s painting it.

MacKenzie: He’s painting it the color of our house.

Dad and girls

I asked them what they liked about their parents:

MacKenzie: It just seems like everybody looks up to Dad, and I like that about my dad. And my mom she’s fun, and I like it and she likes it when we can have some family time together. Sometimes she says, “I like to have family time with my girls.”

Madison: I think my dad is so cool because he can build the club house. He can build stuff. And I love mom because she likes to go with us sometimes without dad.

Madison 3

This brought us to a discussion of sisterhood:

MacKenzie: It feels so good to be Madison’s big sister because it feels like she looks up to me.

Madison: She’s just so nice and I want her carrying me on her back.

MacKenzie: She means piggy back rides. I started giving them to her and now she wants me to give her one every day, and it’s almost too much.

Madison: Sometimes I be mad at her when I cry because she hurts me.

What was the worst fight you ever got into?

MacKenzie: She was tickling me behind my back. And she finally got so mad ’cause I didn’t let her tickle me, and finally she just bit me.

Kenzie and Madi 3

We discussed preferences:

What sort of vehicle would you like to own?

MacKenzie: I like vans, and I also like little cars. We talked about it, Dad and Mom and Madison and me, and decided to get a little car.

Madison: Dad and everybody wanted a little car, but I didn’t want it. I wanted a van, and I was crying, and Dad said, “Okay, we can have a van,” and Kenzie said, “No!”

Kenzie and Madi

Why do you want a van, Madi?

Madison: Because it has sliding doors.

One final question:

How many children do you wanna have?

MacKenzie: I decided I wanted to have a boy and a girl. I don’t care what I have after that. As long as I have one boy and one girl.

Madison (squeals): None.

Madison 2

And thus ended our interview. They say if you want to understand anything about life, ask a child. Or if they don’t say it, they should.


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