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June 27, 2017

Moose Hunt

July 11, 2017

Happy Canada Day! From Deer Lake, Ontario

July 4, 2017

So while all my American friends are celebrating the Fourth of July, I am in Canada.

And my Canadian friends, instead of celebrating Independence Day on the 4th, celebrate Canada Day on the 1st.

July 1st was the date my little sister and I flew into Deer Lake, Ontario.

What have we been doing the last few days?

Walking the beach sometimes.

Enjoying the sunsets over Deer Lake.

Enjoying the beauty of a northern woods.

Going on long drives.

Practicing our loon calling skills.

Getting to know the children.


Eating some mighty fine cooking.

And going out to eat sometimes.

It’s been real.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!




  1. Lucinda — Beautiful photographs!

    I was just notified by Amazon that ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE has shipped and should arrive July 8. I’ll be out of town, but it will be waiting for me upon my return. Woohoo!

  2. Are there mosquitoes? We just returned from our family days at a youth camp near Bruce. We were eaten alive. Now the crucial question for me to determine possible enjoyment is: “Are there mosquitoes????” 🙂

  3. We had good times in spite of the mosquitoes, too! And we still love the north woods. Keep enjoying yourself!

    1. It is really cold if you’re not used to it. Not bad if you get in and start moving around, though. But the children are much tougher than I am. They swim long hours in cloud and in sunshine and sometimes late evenings when just thinking of that chilly air and chilly water makes me shiver.

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