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August 25, 2017

I Saw Something Interesting on my Way through Labor Day

September 5, 2017

From the Mouths of Nieces

August 29, 2017
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This morning I woke up to one of my favorite sounds in the world: little girl voices. Well, mostly little girl voices. MacKenzie is ten now, and not so very little.

Madison is seven and full of questions like: “Why are you laying the wrong way in the bed?” (Because I woke up awhile ago already, and now I’m just resting.) and “Did you have any dreams?” (I dreamed I was a little girl and a giant snapping turtle was chasing me.)

Morgan is two and a half, and full of dimples.

Turns out they are staying the day, so while they are here, I decided to do an interview with them, just for fun. I remembered the interview I did with MacKenzie and Madison three years ago, before Morgan was born. Today I repeated many of the same questions I asked them three years ago, just to see how they would compare. The question are random and in no certain order, but they follow the same pattern as my interview three years ago.

Morgan, bless her heart, didn’t understand most of the questions. Still, her answers made me laugh.

How do you like your age?

Madison: I like it. The only problem is I keep forgetting I’m seven!
MacKenzie: I love my age because I’m right in the middle of being a child, so I can still be fun, and an adult, so I can do adult things.
Morgan: (nods and holds up two fingers)

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Madison: I kinda want to be a nurse but I also want to be a teacher.
MacKenzie: I want to be a teacher for sure. Specifically 3rd or 4th grade because I don’t have the patience for little kids and I’m not smart enough for big ones.
Morgan: I’m little and I grow up. I want to be mom.

What are you scared of?
Madison: It’s kinda embarrassing, but I’m scared of spiders. Spiders and bats and scary stories.
MacKenzie: I’m scared of old bad men taking me and kidnapping me and doing bad things with me and throwing me in the ditch and killing me.
Morgan: Spiders.

How do you feel about falling in love?
Madison: I feel like it would be gross, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do about it.
MacKenzie: I feel like it’s romantic and I can’t wait to get married and have lots of little children. But I’m not allowed to date until I’m eighteen and to get married until I’m twenty.
Morgan: No, I want spiders.

How do you feel about cell phones?
Madison: I think it will be awesome when I get my very own cell phone, and then I can call Mommy, text Mommy, play games on my phone, and take pictures. I think it would be awesome.
MacKenzie: Awesome. I already have one; it’s sorta a cell phone. You can’t actually call or text people on it, so it’s sorta like a mini Kindle. I have games on it and Instagram. It’s awesome.
Morgan: I don’t want phones.

When do you plan to get your own phone?
Madison: I plan to get one when I am fifteen or thirteen.
MacKenzie: I probably will get a real one when I’m thirteen or fifteen, either when I have enough money or my parents will get me one for my birthday.
Morgan: Thirty-four.

What are your views on technology?
Madison (after we explained technology as cell phones, computers, and the Internet): I think it’s good for family time.
MacKenzie: I think that whoever invented it was a genius. But it also makes children lazy and zombies.
Morgan: (nods head)

What is your favorite thing to do?
Madison: My favorite thing is to sing and play gymnastics and also playing mom and dad.
MacKenzie: Drawing, and playing on my phone or watching a movie, playing with Chloe (her dog), or doing something fun with the family and having a fun time with Vanna.
Morgan:  (while jumping up and down) I want to jump trampoline.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing in the world?
Madison: I think the most beautiful thing in the world is heaven.
MacKenzie: Sunsets.
Morgan: I like this one. (points to dump truck)

What is the most important thing in the world to you?
Madison: God
MacKenzie: That’s hard. In the world, right, not in the universe? My family
Morgan: Jump rope. (which she was playing with at the time)

What is something you want to do this year?
Madison: Hmmm. I want to meet my new teacher and go to school.
MacKenzie: One thing I want to do is find a kitty for Madison on her birthday.
Morgan: I like stinky butt.

What do you like about your parents?
Madison: They’re always nice and they always know what to do and they’re the perfect perfect family for me and Morgan and Mackenzie.
MacKenzie: I like for one that they have the patience to raise us cuz I know we’re not exactly the perfect children. And I like how mommy is sweet and kind and how daddy can always make me feel better when I’m sad and that they’re so nice and that they’re Christian.
Morgan: Mommy, Daddy

How do you feel about being a sister?
Madison: I feel jealous about Morgan, and well, I feel grown up and stuff, and I feel like I have a really nice sister.
MacKenzie: I feel proud that I’m the oldest and that mommy depends on me to take care of them, especially during massages. And I feel awesome because they’re awesome, but when I fight with Madison she’s not awesome. But when I fight with Morgan she usually forgives me in like 10 seconds.
Morgan: No.

What sort of vehicle would you like to own?
Madison: I would like a nice cute little van like the van that we have. (This child was longing for a van three years ago, and finally got her wish.)
MacKenzie: A Bug

How many children do you want?
Madison: I will take three children.
MacKenzie: Three girls and a boy, or else two girls and two boys.
Morgan: Babies, 1, 2, 3. I want three.


  1. Oh my word, they are so cute! I love your writing! I knew your mom’s family growing up, and am good friends with with your aunt Naomi!

  2. I just found your blog through Gina at Home Joys. I have immensely enjoyed looking through your posts! And your niece’s interview…. the questions so remind me of my sister and SIL, ask a child anything and they tell you everything, then howl with laughter afterward. I’m just so glad some of the things they have gotten my boys to say weren’t put on a blog! I would be in hiding under my bed 🙂

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