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The Advent of Redemption

December 19, 2017

It is morning. Sorta. 10:00 already, and I spent a good hour accomplishing the single upload of a single photo. And there you see it, the photo at the top of this blog post of my nieces (who take this whole photo business very seriously) and me (the proud aunt who loves my nieces and nephews all the more since I don’t have any of my own). …

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My Courage Mantra

December 12, 2017

When my thoughts are tangled and knotted by fear—What will he think of me? Why, why, WHY did I act that way? How will I face them again? What if what I tell her ruins her life?—the following things I tell myself. The telling, and the knowing, give me courage: No one cares about you. Not really. Sure, your family loves you, and you need …

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The Truth about Perception

November 29, 2017

That’s me standing at the front in the picture above, reading The Arrowhead to the assembled adults at the Shell Lake Public Library. I also read them excerpts from Anything But Simple, and we had a Q and A afterward. I would post pictures from the Shell Lake Library Facebook page of me with my mouth and hands in odd positions, but my blog platform …

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