Life in my Family

I Call My Brother Fat Boy

January 9, 2017

I have almost reached my three year blogiversary. Not quite. But in honor of it, today I present the first post I ever published, and still one of my favorites, entitled “I Call My Brother Fat Boy.” P.S. I seldom call him Fat Boy anymore. But I just did the other day, and yes, he still answers to it. *** Actress Jennifer Lawrence said in …

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And Then There Were Seven

December 13, 2016

Ava Joy arrived November 28, my seventh “nibling.” I have two nephews and five nieces now. Ava came in a tearing hurry. Her dad had to speed like mad to get to the birth center on time. Ava was born 5 minutes–5 minutes!–after they got there. After Ava had shot into the world, Ava’s dad went outside to check on the car and found it …

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