The Art and Severe Consequences of Moldering

May 2, 2016

Saturday evening, while the rest of my siblings went to a tortilla-making party, I opted to sit at my desk in my room and stare out the window at the sunset, brilliant fire in the sky, and write an email. “Come on!” they had said to me before we parted ways–we were in cars in the middle of the road, heads out windows grinning, me …

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Searching for the Perfect Decision

April 12, 2016

When I started blogging, I set a goal to post every Monday, and yesterday that didn’t happen. Sadly, it wasn’t because I couldn’t have. It was because I went to Mexican And then I came home and read The Week, and stared at my computer screen in sorta a foggy, unenthusiastic way and wished I could go to bed. And then I went to bed. …

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Why Schoolteachers Should Never Be Moms

November 23, 2015

1. At least not if they’re only a temporary mom, helping to feed and organize two school children for a week while the said schoolchildren’s parents are out of town. Acting as a pseudo mom may go along swimmingly for a while, but will be likely to cause chaos and heartburn under certain circumstances. 2. Such a circumstance might occur on the final Monday morning, …

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