God and the Bible

My Life Isn’t Fair

May 16, 2016

My life has never been fair. I realize this Sunday morning, sitting on the strange chairs at the Rusk County Jail. Strange because they are wide and blue and have no legs, only a curve like a giant L. My sister and I sit across a table from two ladies in bright orange suits. We are locked into a small room, surrounded by pale block …

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One Thing

May 9, 2016

Sometimes, I panic. My heartbeat quickens, my shoulders tense, and stress pushes from my center to my skull. The reason for this is purely mathematical. I am an author and a teacher, a farmer’s daughter and a janitor, a student and a missionary and a sister and a friend. Each hat comes with its own set of responsibilities and concerns which, when added together, equal …

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I Am Almost Jesus’ Age

March 29, 2016

…when he began his ministry. Yeshua of Nazareth was thirty years old when he left his hometown and began to wander the regions of Galilee teaching the kingdom of heaven–the age I’ll be in half a year or so. For some reason, that thought really blessed me this Easter. It feels as though I’m coming to pivotal years of my life: years that will be …

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