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August 1, 2016

Mouse in the House

August 15, 2016

A Jaxson-Sized View of Life

August 8, 2016

Remember what life was like when you were this size?


Remember the circle of cup on your cheeks when you thrust your entire chin into it?


Remember sucking all the air out of the cup so it would dangle from your chin, no hands? And how it pulled off hard afterwards, and the sudden relief when it came, and how, if you did it often enough, it left an  indented ring around your mouth?

Everything looks different when you are a child.


Adults are ever-present, unfathomable, all-knowing. They laugh at you sometimes, for no reason. Sometimes you don’t mind it; other times you feel stupid because you have no idea what is funny or how to stop it.


I love watching children; their fascination with small things fascinates me.


Everything is new again, when I glimpse it through their eyes.


Here Jaxson’s uncles make him laugh.


And stick out his tongue.

DSC01988   DSC01991

His face below is not actually one of disgust because his dad put ketchup on his potatoes; but it might be the remnant of a shudder from sprinkling salt half an inch thick on his food, and then popping a bite into his mouth.


His entire body shuddered every time he thought of it afterward.

The peppermint candy probably helped.


A few more photos, of Jaxson with his trucks.


He is riveted by anything with an engine.


“Truck? Truck? Truck?” he’ll say, over and over again. He’s loved them from the time he was tiny, becomes a man in his examination and mastery of them.


Grandma’s a lot of fun, too.

Jaxson and Grandma

What do you most love about children?

Step back in time…pull up those memories, the half-forgotten little actions, your childhood thoughts and emotions. What do you remember that you’d almost forgotten about?


  1. Oh i just love children in every shape and size but esp babies from about 4 months to a year. I love their soft chubby legs and kissing them on the neck and seeing them grin about it.

    1. Yes, babies that age are so chubbable! I have another nephew, Donovan, who falls into that age bracket right now, and he is darling.

  2. What do I love about children? Their sense of wonder which you capture so beautifully in this post. That’s one reason I teach wiggly two-year-olds in Sunday School at my church. (I could hear the “cup suck”!)

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