February 2017

Jesus Only (part 2)

February 20, 2017

Rosina Schmucker is one of my favorite bloggers, and I thought it would be nice to introduce her to those of you who haven’t met her yet. She kindly agreed to let me reprint, here on Properties of Light, a post that I love.  *** In my last post, I talked about finding strength for the task that God gives us. This post will touch on …

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I Too Am Blind

February 13, 2017

As you read this, I will be soaking up Central American sun. Oooo. Ahhh. Lovely. Sitting here in my Wisconsin living room with a gray sky and snow-tinted light coming in through our big picture window, I can almost feel that sun on my face. A group of us–four siblings, a friend of ours, and me–are attending another good friend’s wedding in Guatemala, visiting other …

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Girls Day Out at the Mall of America

February 7, 2017

We parked beside a minivan of Trump voters. At least we joked that’s what they were when the driver veered in front of us at the stoplight, just before turning into the Mall of America parking garage. Out on the highway, Elizabeth, who was driving, had been labeling all the vehicles we passed. Well-put-together older gentleman driving a sleek shiny car? “Hillary voter!” Bearded guy …

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