October 2016

Redeemed Opportunities

October 24, 2016

Today’s post was written by guest blogger Tricia Kennell. *** Where do missed opportunities go? Are they gone forever or does God redeem them by giving us new opportunities? Here in North Africa, where living intentionally should be as easy as breathing, I still miss opportunities. Why? Well, I’m busy; there is always language to study, classes to teach, emails to write, friends to visit, …

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Living in a Forest instead of a Yard

October 18, 2016

Reading through old emails, I came across this description which I love, entitled: LEAVES They are all over the ground, masses of them in damp earthy profusion. All over our yard. I love the smell of them, the moistness, the damp earthiness. The orangeness and yellowness of them. They are muted, not too startling, but sophisticated. Like the color of my favorite dress. It rained last night …

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To Vote or Not to Vote

October 11, 2016

I have never voted in an election. Not because I don’t care about my country. I care very much. I love this country where I live. I love its beauty; love the broad sweep of its land, the diversity of its people, its ideals of freedom and democracy. My great grandparents of ten generations ago, Christian and Elizabeth Martin, emigrated here in 1732, in search …

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