September 2016

Though You Are Homeless: Lori Helmuth’s Story

September 26, 2016

“Though you are homeless Though you’re alone I will be your home”     (From “I Will Be Your Home,” by Michael Card) To Lori Helmuth, of Beaver Lake Camp, Ontario, these words by songwriter Michael Card reverberate. “Since I’ve been here in Beaver Lake,” she told me, “that song has become one of my songs. I’ve been thinking recently about Abraham: his home was a …

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A Math Teaching Aid: How to String Counting Beads

September 19, 2016

When I was in first grade, my teacher–an organized, no-nonsense woman–told us if we couldn’t remember a math fact, we should get out our box of crayons and use them to help us find the answer. Crayons worked well as a teaching tool for her–but maybe her natural organizational skills and disciplined classroom atmosphere rubbed off on her students. I am afraid if I gave …

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Every 15 Pictures

September 12, 2016

“What should I blog about?” I asked my siblings. They gave me various suggestions. “Yeah, maybe,” I said. “Sometime. That’s a good idea.” “Do random photos from your phone,” Elizabeth said. “Post every 15th photo.” “Really? But what if I get really terrible ones?” “That’s the fun of it.” And so here they are, the most recent photo taken on my phone and every 15th …

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