May 2016

One Thing

May 9, 2016

Sometimes, I panic. My heartbeat quickens, my shoulders tense, and stress pushes from my center to my skull. The reason for this is purely mathematical. I am an author and a teacher, a farmer’s daughter and a janitor, a student and a missionary and a sister and a friend. Each hat comes with its own set of responsibilities and concerns which, when added together, equal …

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The Art and Severe Consequences of Moldering

May 2, 2016

Saturday evening, while the rest of my siblings went to a tortilla-making party, I opted to sit at my desk in my room and stare out the window at the sunset, brilliant fire in the sky, and write an email. “Come on!” they had said to me before we parted ways–we were in cars in the middle of the road, heads out windows grinning, me …

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