May 2016

The Mennonite and the Skeptic

May 30, 2016

Today, a guest post by a friend of mine, Naomi Newman: *** Luci does not vote.  That may have actually saved a very improbable friendship.  IF she were out there lobbying for Donald Trump, American savior, we might have to part ways.  She wears a modest cap at all times as well, thus she would never buy a Make America Great hat.  Besides, it would …

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Those Beautiful Yellow Wildflowers

May 23, 2016

Madison, looking up at me, her eyes the largest part of her body–those beautiful deep brown eyes so much like her mom’s when her mom was five years old. She holds out a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers she found growing in the yard. “Thank you!” I say. “These are beautiful.” And I put them in a miniature jar and set them on the cupboard, …

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My Life Isn’t Fair

May 16, 2016

My life has never been fair. I realize this Sunday morning, sitting on the strange chairs at the Rusk County Jail. Strange because they are wide and blue and have no legs, only a curve like a giant L. My sister and I sit across a table from two ladies in bright orange suits. We are locked into a small room, surrounded by pale block …

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