April 2016

Homeless in Madison: The Rest of the Story

April 25, 2016

To read Part One of this story, go here. Harold and Joe were gone by the time I got back to the cement square–about 9:00 on Sunday morning. Of the men I had seen the night before, there was only a white man left: the scary one who’d been lying in his sleeping bag, face thin-chiseled and eyes glazed, arms covered in tattoos. “He lives …

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Homeless in Madison

April 18, 2016

Madison–where I stayed the weekend for a writer’s conference–was a study in contrasts. Saturday, with the sun shining and weekend events in full swing, colorful figures dotted the green lawn in front of the capitol building. Girls in hijab laughed and snapped photos with girls in miniskirts and tank tops. Hundreds of people of many faiths and skin colors streamed up the stairs into the …

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Searching for the Perfect Decision

April 12, 2016

When I started blogging, I set a goal to post every Monday, and yesterday that didn’t happen. Sadly, it wasn’t because I couldn’t have. It was because I went to Mexican And then I came home and read The Week, and stared at my computer screen in sorta a foggy, unenthusiastic way and wished I could go to bed. And then I went to bed. …

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