March 2016


March 11, 2016

It’s spring today, really spring, fifty degrees and sunny. I shook myself out of a morning’s funk and went with Elizabeth to see the puppy which she is planning to buy from a friend. Here’s what we saw on the way:Yup. That’s blue sky, sun as white and bright and squeaky fresh as new cheese, water in the ditches. And oh, the puppies. They smelled …

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Traveling Heavy

March 7, 2016

Last Friday afternoon, packed for a quick trip to Indiana with Mom and Dad, I came sheepishly downstairs, lugging a small blue duffel filled with clothes and a bulkier pink backpack filled with necessities. Necessities consisting of three books, my laptop, a spiral bound notebook, three audio books, a small CD player, a magazine, and a few other odds and ends such as pens and …

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