March 2016

I Am Almost Jesus’ Age

March 29, 2016

…when he began his ministry. Yeshua of Nazareth was thirty years old when he left his hometown and began to wander the regions of Galilee teaching the kingdom of heaven–the age I’ll be in half a year or so. For some reason, that thought really blessed me this Easter. It feels as though I’m coming to pivotal years of my life: years that will be …

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March 21, 2016

My mind has been swinging wildly lately. A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend the next few years of my life in college. Then I decided my focus was wrong and switched to missions training in Asia. Then I gave that up in favor of spending a year in Deer Lake, my favorite reserve in the Canadian bush, with a book to follow. …

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Chalkboard Smiles

March 14, 2016

Last Monday my students and I came into the classroom to find a note on our chalkboard: Dear Students, There are 5 letters of the alphabet hidden in your classroom. They are not inside desks or on bookshelves. Not in teacher’s desk either. Look for them at recess and put them on Miss Luci’s desk and unscramble. 🙂 Mom’s work, I knew right away, and …

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