December 2015

3 Things 4 Days Before Christmas

December 21, 2015

1.”The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” If you consider the heavens, the multiverses of stars far-flung through vast space, the spiral arms of our galaxy only an atom in a larger unknown–what is man, that Christ came? I read this paraphrase of John 1:14 in The Message once, and it stuck, ringing through my head now and then as something to turn …

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December 2015 Photos

December 14, 2015

Pictures only, this post. I have nothing to write–a dry well–but I have all sorts of pictures from a dozen occasions that have so far only sat on my smart phone and camera, unviewed, unloved, and neglected. It’s a bad habit of mine, to snap all sorts of pictures on all sorts of occasions and promptly forget about them. So today, pictures. Here’s what I’ve …

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Take Your Courage in Your Hands

December 7, 2015

Some people fear spiders and death. As a Mennonite young person, my greatest fear was to play volleyball in a group of strange young people, especially if they were “cool.” Especially if they were good at volleyball. I wasn’t. I’d fumbled the ball, been rainbowed, or been otherwise humiliated more times than I cared to remember. You can read about one of my early experiences …

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