November 2015

I Am Not an Expert

November 9, 2015

So I told you that last week I had this great spiritual post written up, but then I got the first of the negative comments from the reviewers of Turtle Heart, and that took all smug feelings of wisdom right out the window. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve gotten lots of positive comments and support for Turtle Heart, as well as some insightful suggestions on …

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In Which I Cut Off my Ear

November 3, 2015

Yesterday morning I composed a post of wise and spiritual thoughts–at least they seemed to me at the time–but when the clock rolled around to 8:40 and I still hadn’t hit “publish,” I realized I would have to wait. School starts at 9:00. I was still in my pajamas. I’m the teacher. Still the thing was pretty much done, and after school I would only …

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