September 2015

Storm in Early Morning

September 18, 2015

Crack and boom of wild wars. Spirits rise to darkened skies. No hay today. I sit at my desk in the early morning, facing the blank white blind which I have pulled across my window to hide the dark. No face, no beauty in that. Words puddle on my computer screen, muddle from my fingers–fun to splash in, maybe, if you have red rubber boots, …

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I Am a Small Mouse

September 16, 2015

I am a small mouse crouching in the grass, pink ears trembling, sky too large. This haiku, along with a poster-sized illustration of a small mouse in large grass, hangs on the east wall of my bedroom. I have never written anything more self-descriptive. Several years ago, I submitted the haiku to Red Cedar, the literary magazine put out by the University of Wisconsin in …

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A World Happens in a Week

September 14, 2015

A world happens in a week. At least in one of my weeks. In a week’s time, I might teach school; help with a garage sale; plan curriculum; help with cleaning jobs; wash the dishes; write lengthy emails; bake cookies; visit friends; attend church; dream about the future; take a sister out for supper; begin the sixth revision of Turtle Heart; dig myself out of …

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