August 2015

My Summer in Deer Lake First Nation

August 10, 2015

See that picture of Hollywood? That’s where I spent my summer. No, it’s not in California, and no, it’s not a place where movie stars generally hang out. This picture was taken in Deer Lake, Ontario (photo credit:, and it’s way cooler than California could ever be. Literally. Heh-heh. Spend a winter in Deer Lake if you want to experience some real weather. Deer Lake …

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The Ant and the Tree

August 3, 2015

A Guest Post by Lilian Stotzfus: Said the ant to the great tree, “I have a question for thee.” The tree stood and waited, and the ant continued. “Are you a he, or are you a she?” Pine needles whispered in the breeze. “I am both a he and a she,” said the tree. “What of thee?” Said the ant to the great tree, “I …

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