August 2015

Aunt Luci

August 31, 2015

This past Monday evening the phone rang. Once, and then Mom plucked it from the receiver: the call we’d all been waiting for. She stood, listening intently, her cheeks lifted and eyes expectant with something that might have been excitement, or fear, or both. I knew her unspoken questions: Is Dora okay? the baby? And then she was sinking into a kitchen chair, worry disappearing …

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Learning To Laugh In Deer Lake

August 24, 2015

All morning, I tried to write, and all morning the world was too vast, my thoughts too uncategorized and vague, to put anything into sequence. All I could think was: Who cares, anyway? Who cares but me? Not very encouraging words for an author. Writing requires only two things, really: courage and stupidity. Since I have been gifted with both, I write. Today the one …

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What Deer Lake Taught Me

August 17, 2015

On my last post I promised to share what I learned at Deer Lake this summer, and now I sit not knowing how to start. Like so many times when I’ve passed through a profound experience, I look back and wonder, “Did I learn anything? Or did I know this all before? I can’t remember.” Learning is like that. It is not so much something …

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