June 2015

What MS Is Teaching Me about the Love of God

June 8, 2015

When Bethany Hayes  of Capacity Corner was diagnosed with MS, her life dramatically changed. Today she shares some precious lessons she’s learned: Multiple Sclerosis is often called “the invisible disease. “  Still, when I first diagnosed, I felt like a giant sign hung around my neck that read: I HAVE MS. I think I felt this way because I realized I suddenly had a new identity—one I’d …

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Delicious Homemade Bread in 10 Minutes

June 1, 2015

How we used to do it: My mom always bought our bread when I was young, usually white (the kind that has all the nutrients bleached out), the cheapest in the aisle. I felt sorry for the children who came to school with homemade bread sandwiches. Boughten bread, as we called it, was so much better. Boughten bread was super soft when it first came …

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