May 2015

Women in the Trenches – Janae Miller with RISE

May 12, 2015

“I am very much a people person,” Janae says. “I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I love to paint and draw, sing, play violin and ukulele, and write. I have a part time job babysitting for an Indian family in Hutchinson. They are Hindu, so it feels like my job is a mission field.” How she got involved: “I started with RISE …

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Women in the Trenches – Jewel Yoder with RISE

May 11, 2015

Jewel loves to write, whether through her own journaling, emails to her friends, or the weekly RISE newsletter. This fall she begins a two year writing major. “I wasn’t going to do college for writing,” she says, “but last month I suddenly knew in my bones and from Jesus that I was supposed to. One thing that’s important to me is to be a truth …

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You Would Have Liked the Balloons

May 6, 2015

Dear Cheryl, You would have liked the balloons. There were dozens of them, massed together in colorful bunches and handed out to your little son Braxton’s cousins at your burial. I thought the children would let them go all at once, but they released them slowly, one by one, and we watched them drift up until there were dozens of them floating away on the …

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