November 2014

Antics at an International Potluck

November 24, 2014

Today’s post is written by Sheila Petre. She has a talent for making me laugh. *************************************** They arrived late to the international Thanksgiving potluck in Washington, D.C.. They had left in good time, she thought, as she stood by the locked glass doors with her family of eight, awaiting entrance. But they had run into a bottleneck at the end of Cabin John Parkway–and then …

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The Formation of Snow

November 17, 2014

When my mom was young, she remembers walking home from school around a country block with drifts of snow pushed high on both sides of the road. I know the road she walked; I occasionally walked or biked the same road later, in my elementary days, on the way home from the same country school. I always walked it in the spring or autumn, never …

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The Lives of Working Stiffs

November 10, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014. It is my birthday today. In the chilly basement classroom where I teach, Kaity, the first grader, worries about lunch. Her mom has forgotten to send one. “Can I call and talk to my mom?” she asks. “I’ll call and talk to her,” I say. But Kaity insists. “I can do it faster,” she says, in the brilliant child reasoning that …

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