October 2014

I Am a Rock

October 27, 2014

In the front corner of our front yard, beside the driveway and the road, are two huge rocks. In the opposite corner of the yard, also facing the road, are two more. When I say huge, I mean rocks that are almost as tall as I am (five foot, three and three fourths inches) and as wide as the span of my arms. They were …

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The Things I Know

October 20, 2014

While cleaning my bedroom the other day, I came across a torn-out pink page of notes I’d taken from a sermon once. I would have forgotten the sermon if I hadn’t found the notes, but seeing them, I remembered it–could picture the chiseled face below gray hair, the glasses, the thoughtful manner of speaking, the southern drawl. The preacher’s name was Ben Martin. The sermon …

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Reading Somalia in Bayfield

October 13, 2014

I met Awa in the Mall of America, among crowds of jostling people. I was with my siblings, trying to eliminate boredom from one of the endless days of the endless months of midwinter. She was caring for an autistic boy who loved to come to the Mall. She had never seen conservative Mennonites before. We were not acquainted with any Somalis. Our first conversation …

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