September 2014

In Honor of the Somalian Refugees

September 8, 2014

Bola Bagti Dadaab refugee camp, 2011 This poem I wrote several years during the 2011 Somalian refugee crisis. I post today in honor of the Somalian refugees and refugees everywhere. I also want to say “Thank you” to all of America’s sworn-in citizens. You add much that is good to our country. I watch as my sister, wrapped in a white sheet, is placed into …

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Women in the Trenches: Kathy Zimmerman

September 1, 2014

The new issue of Daughters of Promise is coming soon! Here is a sneak peek of the newest “Women in the Trenches” article, featuring Kathy Zimmerman and her new little one, Jaxson. You can go to the Daughters of Promise home page to view the entire magazine. The September/October issue in which Kathy is featured is not viewable yet, but will be published online within …

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