September 2014

Siblings, and Waiting, and Road Trips

September 29, 2014

We left at noon on Friday with Benny, my youngest brother, driving. He pulled away from our blue-shuttered farmhouse–the shutters weathered and in need of paint–and started past the row of dusty, dark-leafed lilac bushes that line our gravel lane–and stopped. “Do you have a bowl in your hands?” He cranked his head and glared at Chad, who sat beside me in the back, frantically …

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A Photo Journal of Corner Basement School

September 22, 2014

It is six thirty, and still dusky when I look through my bedroom window, the sky is lightening around the leaves of the maples. I wake early most mornings. I set my alarm for five thirty, because I want time to write before school. And every morning, I toss back and forth in my bed, drifting back into sleep, praying, running my mind over yesterday, …

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I Learned Life-ing from my Dad

September 15, 2014

Friday, I helped my dad with the morning milking. It had been years since I helped, but that morning his usual help was gone, and I filled in. The barn was as I remembered. The cows were the same: poopy, fat, and slobbery, their sides splattered with bits of dried manure. I wondered where the sweet, grass-eating bovines of old stories originated. I have never …

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