July 2014

The Surprisingly Intimate Relationships of God

July 28, 2014

In the middle of last week’s hectic Sunday morning, I sat down to read an article by Omar Miller, director of the mission-oriented Hillcrest Home in Arkansas. “Is serving the Lord the most important thing in life?” he wrote. “I submit that even more important than serving the Lord is to know and to love Him−to have a genuine relationship with Him. God longs for …

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Interview with MacKenzie and Madison, Ages 7 and 4

July 21, 2014

Meet my niece MacKenzie, age seven. And her sister Madison, age four. I sat them down the other week and asked them some serious questions about life, love, and the pursuit of technology. My first questions was this: How do you like your age? MacKenzie: I like it a lot. It makes me feel really grown up and old and stuff. Madison: It’s pretty small …

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Women in the Trenches: Kendra Lily, RN

July 14, 2014

Hi, everybody. I’ve recently begun writing a column in the Daughters of Promise magazine. The column is called “Women in the Trenches” and focuses on real women in real life situations and the work they are doing for God. This first article is on Kendra Lily Martin, RN in Guatemala. You can read the article here, or if you’d like to view the full issue, go …

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