April 2014

When I’m an Old Lady, I’ll Talk to the Trees

April 28, 2014

On a day early last week, distressed and hemmed in by busyness, I walked down the road to our scrubby, half-beaten patch of woods, and prayed. I have always done this. From an early age, I have known trees. When I was a girl, Dad brought home a dozen maple saplings and planted them around the perimeter of our yard. He told my sisters and …

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Jesus, Who Lives in Mud

April 21, 2014

A few days before Easter: I stride in boots down the gravel road that runs past our house, look back at heel prints left in soft dirt. Water and half-melted snow pool in ditches. I scoop up a handful of soggy gravel and smell it, but the peculiar scent of earthy spring is not in the gravel. In the fields, I think. Soon. I twist …

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Up from the Grave She Arose

April 14, 2014

Until last December, I thought the only person to have come out of a grave alive were Jesus and Lazarus. Since then, I’ve added another person to my list: Kim. It happened at my great aunt Lydia’s funeral, held on a Monday in late December. The service was lovely. Aunt Lydia had been well-loved in the community as well as by her numerous progeny. There …

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