March 2014

Mennonite Jokes and the Value of Different

March 10, 2014

There are blonde jokes; we’ve all heard them. There are lawyer jokes and Polish jokes and yo’ mama jokes. And then there are Mennonite jokes. I like these best, in the perverse manner of humanity. We love to laugh at ourselves. Self-ridicule brings a proud sort of shamed kinship, ridicule from others solidarity. Here’s my favorite Mennonite joke: What is a Mennonite dilemma? Free beer. …

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Hair Curlers

March 3, 2014

I work as an activities aide at the nursing home. Mornings, in our line of work, we deal in curlers. We have bags of them: fat pink rollers, medium-sized purple rollers, thin blue rollers, short yellow rollers. Most of the elderly female residents come into the nursing home beauty shop once or twice a week to have their hair twisted around these pink and blue …

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