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Photo taken by Benny Miller
Rocks on Schoolhouse Beach
I Learned Life-ing from my Dad
Dora, Jennie, Luci, Kathy

How to Host a Fairy Party

August 29, 2016

What you need: A woods, or some other moonlit or mystical spot. Little girls Lots of imagination Our party started with these: Three porcelain shoes sitting in a row on my dresser, almost, but not quite big enough for a little girl to get her foot into. Madison tried it, and even tried taking a step, and yes, that is why there is a chip …

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I Can Do All Things

August 22, 2016

Ever feel like you are hanging upside down in life, swinging wildly by your feet and going nowhere? That’s how I feel today, with a book that needs written, a school year that needs planned (because school starts next week and I’m the teacher), and dishes that very badly need doing. My verse for this week, and for all the following weeks until I meet …

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Mouse in the House

August 15, 2016

Or rather, in my writing Hut. When I set my first mouse trap in my forest van sanctuary, I felt I was committing an unethical act akin to that of the American military rounding up Natives–if not in magnitude, at least in attitude. After all, this was the traditional territory of mice, woodpeckers, and poison ivy. I was only an intruder. (And the poison ivy …

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A Jaxson-Sized View of Life

August 8, 2016

Remember what life was like when you were this size? Remember the circle of cup on your cheeks when you thrust your entire chin into it? Remember sucking all the air out of the cup so it would dangle from your chin, no hands? And how it pulled off hard afterwards, and the sudden relief when it came, and how, if you did it often …

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Eternity in their Hearts: A Review

July 25, 2016
Eternity in their hearts

I found this book lying on the coffee table at the Northern Youth Program’s guest house when I visited Ontario the beginning of July. The tagline, “Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World,” caught my eye. The book fascinated me, amazed me, caused me to wonder, “Why haven’t I ever heard these things before?” Two weeks …

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The Funnest Thing I Ever Did

July 19, 2016

At least that’s how I felt at the time, and typed madly into my laptop a little over two weeks ago: That’s the funnest, funnest thing I ever did. It was 12:30 a.m. in Deer Lake, and Jonny and Dora and Janet and I had just returned from a fishing trip. We’d boated a long way across a string of lakes, cooked our fish on …

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Women in the Trenches: Lisl Lattin, Thailand

July 11, 2016
Lisl Lattin

I recently wrote several articles for Daughters of Promise magazine, to add to my earlier Women in the Trenches series. This article features Lisl Lattin, a mother and wife in Chiang Mi, Thailand. “My journey to Thailand started mostly with Dru,” Lisl Lattin told me when I asked what led her to Thailand. Even when they were dating, she knew that¬† he was called to …

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Hanging with a Thousand People in the Bush

July 4, 2016

That’s the bush of Deer Lake, Ontario; population near 1,000; no roads leading out. Here I stay for two weeks with my brothers and sisters the Meekises. Already I have been out fishing twice, attended a memorial feast, played numerous games of Sorry, and celebrated Canada Day with native Canadians. (Sorry, U.S.A., I know it’s your birthday today, but I scarcely thought of you.) I …

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Yes, We Really Did! (Throw our First Annual CCC Camping Trip)

June 27, 2016
ccc group pic

CCC stands for Community Children’s Club, the Bible club for kids held every Friday evening in the basement of the Rusk County Community Library. This year, for the first time ever, we took some of the kids (those ten and older who signed up for it) on a canoe trip and camp out. That’s our group above. And yes, we did take Mercury the puggle …

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