Not Objects Exactly

December 5, 2016

Mouse in the House

August 15, 2016

The Hut

August 1, 2016

This Is Just to Say

February 20, 2018

I will be giving a talk at the University of Wisconsin-Barron this Thursday, February 22nd at noon. The talk is titled “The Story of a Mennonite” and is described as follows: Join Lucinda Miller as she reflects on her own peculiar Mennonite life and the stories and complexities that make it real. Learn the histories of some distinctive Mennonite traditions and learn how story has …

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The Lost Key Saga

February 13, 2018

My Toyota Yaris came with three keys when I bought it. Unfortunately, after I had owned it a couple of years, only one key remained. The others slid down behind the couch cushions into the innards of the couch, or beneath seven-year dirt under the refrigerator, or under a flipped-up corner of linoleum in the very back corner of the coat closet beneath a forgotten …

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Pajamas and Authoring at Seventeen Below

February 6, 2018

Cold outside today, just a little. Seventeen below, my Android tells me. I am still in my pajamas as a write this, slouched on the couch with a blanket over my body and warm fuzzy socks on my feet. You can do that sort of thing with a good conscience when part of your profession is authoring. All a necessary part of the writing process, you …

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Good’s New Online Store: A Review and Coupon Code

January 24, 2018

If you’re a Mennonite, or if you grew up in Pennsylvania, you’ve probably heard of Good’s Store. With stores located in four Pennsylvania towns, it’s sometimes called the “Mennonite Wal-mart,” because it carries all the types of items that Mennonites like to buy: canning jars; black hats; sturdy tennis shoes in subdued colors; wrinkle-free Tropical Breeze fabric in vibrant colors; and many other items that …

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The Escape Room

January 16, 2018

Saturday evening I engaged in a rescue mission to free a man who had got on the wrong side of the Eau Claire mafia and was locked up in a small cabin room with only sixty minutes of oxygen left. I with four siblings—Jeff, Chad, Benny, and Elizabeth—our friend Jayden, and Benny’s fiancée, Tricia, ransacked the cabin looking for clues that would tell us how …

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Death, Love, and Choices in 2018

January 10, 2018

I felt honored by those of you who took the time and effort to answer my survey questions last week. I got to know a few readers better and was introduced to some I had never met. Thank you! I noticed common themes. A number of people have experienced the loss of loved ones this year. Some are facing health issues in themselves or their …

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Survey 2018

January 2, 2018

If I was as professional in blogging as Asher Witmer, I would present you all with a carefully worded survey done through Survey Monkey to discover your interests, struggles, and demographics. Maybe next year. This year, I’ve formulated an unprofessional survey of my own. I call it…ahem… Four Questions to Start the New Year Since we all know that no year, ever, in the history …

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In the Aftermath of Christmas

December 27, 2017

In the aftermath of Christmas, our cupboard is cluttered with goodies. A plate of monster cookies and a quarter of a bucket of raisin-filled cookies, candy canes, the remnants of a cheese ball, an assortment of candied peanuts, a bowl of popcorn spices, two giant Reese cups with a mini pie-shaped slice cut from one of them, whipped honey and honey comb and honey sticks, …

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The Advent of Redemption

December 19, 2017

It is morning. Sorta. 10:00 already, and I spent a good hour accomplishing the single upload of a single photo. And there you see it, the photo at the top of this blog post of my nieces (who take this whole photo business very seriously) and me (the proud aunt who loves my nieces and nephews all the more since I don’t have any of my own). …

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My Courage Mantra

December 12, 2017

When my thoughts are tangled and knotted by fear—What will he think of me? Why, why, WHY did I act that way? How will I face them again? What if what I tell her ruins her life?—the following things I tell myself. The telling, and the knowing, give me courage: No one cares about you. Not really. Sure, your family loves you, and you need …

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